Perhaps, you work on the weekends? We still must eat, rest and look forward to the weekend in finding time to do something fun with family or friends…

Friday’s Breakfast: French Toast with a flavored syrup is fun! Your favorite juice, coffee, tea.

Friday’s Lunch: If you have a microwave available at school, work or home, you might like a (hot meal) hamburger with the fixin’s any condiments you like. Carrots sticks with a homemade dip (I have at least 20 dips posted on Tasty, cupcake/muffin/piece of fresh fruit. Water/flavor packet or plain.

Friday’s Supper/Dinner: Lil’Smokie sausages that you cooked all day in the slow cooker/crock pot, creamy mash potatoes (they come in a box multiple flavors) just add butter and hot water and they are ready, often on sale for $1 a box here (Betty Crocker brand is fine) and makes several servings. Any type vegetable you like.

Hopefully, you will have some fun over the weekend. Remember to use that slow cooker/crock pot and go out and visit a friend, the park. Get some exercise!

Until next time I wish you “Good Health” cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.



Second Week of Cooking!

We have completed our shopping list for the week now we can begin our menu.

Monday’s Breakfast: Overnight Oats are simple and pleasing. Add 1/4 cup instant oats to the bottom of a clean jar add 3 tablespoons hot water, cover and refrigerate. In the morning simply peel a fresh peach, remove pit, slice and add to oats. If desired add plain yogurt first then add fresh sliced peaches and a dash or two of cinnamon. Coffee, tea.

Monday’s lunch: You have packed a healthy sandwich with sliced deli turkey, and a few slices of cheese on a multi-grain bread. Have your frozen water and flavored packet. Using your toaster oven and one potato can make some delicious and easy potato chips any flavor combination you desire. I like onion and lemon chips. Slice this potato (Idahoan) russet potato as thin as possible, place in a bowl of water (to slow browning and pull starches out). Dry on paper towels, line your toaster oven tray with aluminum foil spray with cooking spray (Pam will work) add seasoned (your choice) potato chips and bake @ 400 F FOR 12-14 minutes. Sprinkle with more seasoning if you want while still warm. Let them cool and they’re ready. Should make 2 servings from one potato!!!

Monday’s Supper/Dinner: You have purchased one pound lean ground beef. Cutting the package in half, freeze in a freezer safe zip-lock bag one half. You can make a hamburger patty (2) 1/4 pounder add cheese, any condiments you like. With or without a bun/roll. To make an easy macaroni and cheese dish, boil 1/2 box elbow macaroni as per box instructions, drain and rinse add to a bowl. Add cheeses (your choice, cheddar, monterey jack), stir add seasonings, place in a baking dish and bake 15 minutes @ 350 F. You will have leftovers to let cool down and use an airtight container to store in the refrigerator for another use. You will probably only eat one hamburger (or cheeseburger so freeze the other one you prepared). Using any condiments; lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup. You may be too full to eat any dessert! If studying get to it. If relaxing that is good. Everyone has to take timeout to relax, take a walk, read.

In my next post we will prepare Tuesday’s suggestions. Until then I will close wishing you “Good Health”. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.

Preparing the weekly menu with ideas for you!!!

Monday’s menu Breakfast: One scrambled egg with or without bacon bits, one slice multi-grain toast with or without butter or jam/jelly. One 4 oz. glass Orange juice, (or your favorite juice), coffee or tea.
Monday’s Lunch: You have packed a Veggie stuffed tortilla wrap sandwich (using 6″ flour tortilla), one banana, frozen water (thawing) one tube lemonade. Several cookies.
Monday’s Supper/Dinner: One lean ground Turkey Burger (Baked in toaster oven) (4″ diameter) with or without cheese, lettuce, tomato, any condiment. Side of baked potato wedges seasoned. Carrot sticks and yogurt/sour cream dip.

Tuesday’s Breakfast: Overnight oats with fresh medley of fruit and nuts. Coffee or tea. (Note: no fruit juice is necessary when eating fresh/frozen fruit).
Tuesday’s Lunch: Mixed tomato & cucumber-onion salad with dressing. Club or buttered crackers (your favorite cracker rounds, or triscuit wheat thins). 16.9 ounce Bottle of water thawed using a tube of flavored powder. Cupcake/muffin for dessert.
Tuesday’s Supper/Dinner: Two chicken legs baked (yes, in toaster oven on 400 F highest setting on bake), line the tray with foil, coat chicken legs in any seasoning you like, using that fresh lemon (zest) and black pepper. 1/2 cup brown or white rice, boiled with pot and lid reduce heat to simmer for 10-12 minutes (follow package instructions) remember that bag of carrots, get two carrots out, peel them cut on the bias 1-2″ lengths, in a small frying pan add one tablespoon butter and one tablespoon Canola/vegetable oil on medium heat, coat carrots in honey and place in pan, cook 12 minutes or until fork tender. That’s for dinner.

Wednesday (Hump Day) Breakfast: 1-2 Pancakes (frozen) microwave 1 minute each pancake, warm maple syrup in microwave 30 second intervals. Your favorite juice, coffee or tea.
Wednesday’s Lunch: Fresh Tuna or egg salad on multi-grain bread, add lettuce if desired. Your frozen (thawing water) add flavor packet. I will teach you to make homemade chips right in your toaster oven! Plain chips, flavored chips. A few cookies for dessert.
Wednesday’s Supper/Dinner: 1-2 pieces (3 ounces each) pork loin thin pork chops, baked in toaster oven using same method above (line tray with foil, add seasonings you like). Side dish of Applesauce (can add some cinnamon if desired). Fresh broccoli spears blanched for a few minutes in salted water (add olive oil once cooked) salt and pepper to taste. You will not necessarily need a dessert!

Thursday’s Breakfast: English Muffin toasted (in toaster oven to your desired doneness), add peanut butter and few sliced apples (you will bring remaining apple slices for lunch, squeeze lemon juice on apple slices to keep from browning, add one half teaspoon sugar, put in an airtight container). Juice choice, coffee or tea.
Thursday’s Lunch: 5 ounce container of plain yogurt, apple slices. Frozen water (thawing) add flavor packet or drink plain. A few oatmeal cookies would be great as dessert.
Thursday’s Supper/Dinner: Mini meatloaf baked in toaster oven. Cooked ear or two of frozen corn-on-the-cob (or fresh if in season) OR Fresh green beans (1/4 pound) snip ends, boil for 3-4 minutes add butter and some seasonings. You will probably not need dessert!

Friday’s Breakfast: Cinnamon french toast strips (using two slices of bread, one beaten egg, cinnamon and sugar) baked in toaster oven. Warm some maple syrup in microwave-Indulge. Juice, coffee or tea.
Friday’s Lunch: Container of fresh soup (I will show you how to prepare a quick, nutritious bean soup), crackers. Water add flavor packet of drink plain. Banana for dessert.
Friday’s Supper/Dinner: Baked Tilapia Fillets in toaster oven, add seasonings to fish and roll in bread crumbs, bake 7-8 minutes. Homemade macaroni & cheese (I will show you how to make that easily). Cup of ice cream, frozen yogurt for dessert.
I will post again soon with weekend menu. Depending on your school or work schedule, homework, housework, doing something fun with family or friends we will use the slow cooker-crock pot over the weekend! I will close wishing you “Good Health”. cheffie cooks easy.

Shopping for the first week!

Have your grocery list ready? Let’s go to your favorite grocery store to shop. Our pantry is partially completed and that is good enough for now. Let’s get to shopping. Grab the store sale flyer and let’s peruse it. What’s on sale that is on your grocery list, anything? Circle those items with your hi-lighter pen. In the produce aisle lets get one lemon, one onion, 2 potatoes, head of lettuce, bag of carrots, one cucumber, one tomato, one glove of garlic. Grab two Granny Smith apples. In the dairy section do you need milk? What size? Let’s get a 1/2 gallon. Butter one pound sweet cream. Cream cheese? Sour cream? Cottage cheese? Yogurt, Greek or plain you pick at least two. Meat Department next what’s on sale? Chicken legs, thighs, breasts? Grab one of any we will make a chicken dish this week. Ground beef (at 90/10 fat to meat ratio) or ground lean turkey one pound of either. If one sale buy both one pound each that is 4 meals! Pork is it on sale? Pork chops thin, boneless 2-4 small pieces. We will make a meal or two from that. Go over to the bread section. What’s on sale? Whole grain 1/2 loaf would be idea. Let’s get a package of flour tortillas the 6″ size is most useful. Did we decide on a juice favorite? Orange Juice, Apple juice, grape juice, tomato or V 8 juice you decide pick one. Come you are falling behind, move along now. Need sugar? Coffee creamer? Coffee? Tea? Peanut butter? Did you get those things already at General Dollar Store or Walmart? Flour-self rising? Brown sugar? Do we have small Olive Oil, Canola or vegetable oil? We need two. 24 pack of 16.9 ounce water (purified). Did you get flavor packets already? Lemonade, punch, orange, grape flavors? Crackers triscuits or a round butter cracker we need a box of either one, you choose. A package of Oatmeal, chocolate chip or other cookies. Phew, are you getting tired yet. Let’s head to the check-out. Do you have any coupons? Do you have t-paper, paper towels, laundry soap, dish soap already? Good let’s check out. Until next time I wish you “Good Health”. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.

Continuing with our Shopping List of groceries!

Did you know one pound of lean ground turkey or ground beef can make several meals?! Yes, they can and I will show you how to accomplish that. We were shopping for produce, dairy, breads (flour tortillas). You can purchase bread in 1/2 loaves these days and that is great. I do not care for frozen bread (it has a freezer burn taste). A whole grain, multi grain or whole wheat are some options to plain white or honey/white bread. Whichever you prefer we can work with; to create many recipes for breakfast and lunch. Let’s talk a little about the meat Department of your favorite grocery store. Any pre-packaged meats can be cut in half by ringing the meat Dept. bell. Say for example you see chicken breasts on sale (skinless, boneless) the package has 4 pieces and you only want one or two, they will re-package and weigh for you, remember we only want enough for the week! That rule basically applies to any meat product in multiples. I have done this so many times with chicken, pork chops, pork loins, ground beef on sale, ground turkey on sale. If your grocery store will not accommodate (in the meat department) time to look for another grocery store!!! If we are cooking chicken one day during our shopping week while we are in the produce aisle we will want a fresh lemon (for zests and the juices). Any citrus zests can be frozen in freezer safe quart bags. I recommend your purchasing a box of quart freezer bags and one gallon size freezer bags (again, your Dollar General has these cheaper than a grocery store and sometimes even Walmart). If you love bananas on our weekly shop we can get 3-4 bananas. I think buying them green (they will ripen within a matter of days) is best. Frozen fruit versus fresh fruit. I personally prefer fresh, on a budget it is sometimes more feasible to buy frozen berry mix medley (one pound bag) for recipes, than each fresh individually. It is good to have a few cans of crushed, slices of pineapples in the pantry. If you do not like pineapples this would not apply to you. I would have a 16 ounce jar of Applesauce, can be used alone as a side dish or in muffin/pancake recipes. One box pancake batter (any that will mix with water). Pancakes can be made in batches and frozen. They microwave in seconds! One bottle maple syrup (smallest size). One jar Pure Honey (again, I find it cheaper at the Dollar General Stores in my area). When shopping for non-food items’ cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, dish soap, t-paper, paper towels look for sales on these items only buy what you will need in a week. (Laundry soap, dish soap normally lasts longer than a week). The key is not to over spend and keep within your weekly budget. In closing I wish you “Good Health”. cheffie cooks easy….