Continuing with our Shopping List of groceries!

Did you know one pound of lean ground turkey or ground beef can make several meals?! Yes, they can and I will show you how to accomplish that. We were shopping for produce, dairy, breads (flour tortillas). You can purchase bread in 1/2 loaves these days and that is great. I do not care for frozen bread (it has a freezer burn taste). A whole grain, multi grain or whole wheat are some options to plain white or honey/white bread. Whichever you prefer we can work with; to create many recipes for breakfast and lunch. Let’s talk a little about the meat Department of your favorite grocery store. Any pre-packaged meats can be cut in half by ringing the meat Dept. bell. Say for example you see chicken breasts on sale (skinless, boneless) the package has 4 pieces and you only want one or two, they will re-package and weigh for you, remember we only want enough for the week! That rule basically applies to any meat product in multiples. I have done this so many times with chicken, pork chops, pork loins, ground beef on sale, ground turkey on sale. If your grocery store will not accommodate (in the meat department) time to look for another grocery store!!! If we are cooking chicken one day during our shopping week while we are in the produce aisle we will want a fresh lemon (for zests and the juices). Any citrus zests can be frozen in freezer safe quart bags. I recommend your purchasing a box of quart freezer bags and one gallon size freezer bags (again, your Dollar General has these cheaper than a grocery store and sometimes even Walmart). If you love bananas on our weekly shop we can get 3-4 bananas. I think buying them green (they will ripen within a matter of days) is best. Frozen fruit versus fresh fruit. I personally prefer fresh, on a budget it is sometimes more feasible to buy frozen berry mix medley (one pound bag) for recipes, than each fresh individually. It is good to have a few cans of crushed, slices of pineapples in the pantry. If you do not like pineapples this would not apply to you. I would have a 16 ounce jar of Applesauce, can be used alone as a side dish or in muffin/pancake recipes. One box pancake batter (any that will mix with water). Pancakes can be made in batches and frozen. They microwave in seconds! One bottle maple syrup (smallest size). One jar Pure Honey (again, I find it cheaper at the Dollar General Stores in my area). When shopping for non-food items’ cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, dish soap, t-paper, paper towels look for sales on these items only buy what you will need in a week. (Laundry soap, dish soap normally lasts longer than a week). The key is not to over spend and keep within your weekly budget. In closing I wish you “Good Health”. cheffie cooks easy….


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