Preparing the weekly menu with ideas for you!!!

Monday’s menu Breakfast: One scrambled egg with or without bacon bits, one slice multi-grain toast with or without butter or jam/jelly. One 4 oz. glass Orange juice, (or your favorite juice), coffee or tea.
Monday’s Lunch: You have packed a Veggie stuffed tortilla wrap sandwich (using 6″ flour tortilla), one banana, frozen water (thawing) one tube lemonade. Several cookies.
Monday’s Supper/Dinner: One lean ground Turkey Burger (Baked in toaster oven) (4″ diameter) with or without cheese, lettuce, tomato, any condiment. Side of baked potato wedges seasoned. Carrot sticks and yogurt/sour cream dip.

Tuesday’s Breakfast: Overnight oats with fresh medley of fruit and nuts. Coffee or tea. (Note: no fruit juice is necessary when eating fresh/frozen fruit).
Tuesday’s Lunch: Mixed tomato & cucumber-onion salad with dressing. Club or buttered crackers (your favorite cracker rounds, or triscuit wheat thins). 16.9 ounce Bottle of water thawed using a tube of flavored powder. Cupcake/muffin for dessert.
Tuesday’s Supper/Dinner: Two chicken legs baked (yes, in toaster oven on 400 F highest setting on bake), line the tray with foil, coat chicken legs in any seasoning you like, using that fresh lemon (zest) and black pepper. 1/2 cup brown or white rice, boiled with pot and lid reduce heat to simmer for 10-12 minutes (follow package instructions) remember that bag of carrots, get two carrots out, peel them cut on the bias 1-2″ lengths, in a small frying pan add one tablespoon butter and one tablespoon Canola/vegetable oil on medium heat, coat carrots in honey and place in pan, cook 12 minutes or until fork tender. That’s for dinner.

Wednesday (Hump Day) Breakfast: 1-2 Pancakes (frozen) microwave 1 minute each pancake, warm maple syrup in microwave 30 second intervals. Your favorite juice, coffee or tea.
Wednesday’s Lunch: Fresh Tuna or egg salad on multi-grain bread, add lettuce if desired. Your frozen (thawing water) add flavor packet. I will teach you to make homemade chips right in your toaster oven! Plain chips, flavored chips. A few cookies for dessert.
Wednesday’s Supper/Dinner: 1-2 pieces (3 ounces each) pork loin thin pork chops, baked in toaster oven using same method above (line tray with foil, add seasonings you like). Side dish of Applesauce (can add some cinnamon if desired). Fresh broccoli spears blanched for a few minutes in salted water (add olive oil once cooked) salt and pepper to taste. You will not necessarily need a dessert!

Thursday’s Breakfast: English Muffin toasted (in toaster oven to your desired doneness), add peanut butter and few sliced apples (you will bring remaining apple slices for lunch, squeeze lemon juice on apple slices to keep from browning, add one half teaspoon sugar, put in an airtight container). Juice choice, coffee or tea.
Thursday’s Lunch: 5 ounce container of plain yogurt, apple slices. Frozen water (thawing) add flavor packet or drink plain. A few oatmeal cookies would be great as dessert.
Thursday’s Supper/Dinner: Mini meatloaf baked in toaster oven. Cooked ear or two of frozen corn-on-the-cob (or fresh if in season) OR Fresh green beans (1/4 pound) snip ends, boil for 3-4 minutes add butter and some seasonings. You will probably not need dessert!

Friday’s Breakfast: Cinnamon french toast strips (using two slices of bread, one beaten egg, cinnamon and sugar) baked in toaster oven. Warm some maple syrup in microwave-Indulge. Juice, coffee or tea.
Friday’s Lunch: Container of fresh soup (I will show you how to prepare a quick, nutritious bean soup), crackers. Water add flavor packet of drink plain. Banana for dessert.
Friday’s Supper/Dinner: Baked Tilapia Fillets in toaster oven, add seasonings to fish and roll in bread crumbs, bake 7-8 minutes. Homemade macaroni & cheese (I will show you how to make that easily). Cup of ice cream, frozen yogurt for dessert.
I will post again soon with weekend menu. Depending on your school or work schedule, homework, housework, doing something fun with family or friends we will use the slow cooker-crock pot over the weekend! I will close wishing you “Good Health”. cheffie cooks easy.


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