Perhaps, you work on the weekends? We still must eat, rest and look forward to the weekend in finding time to do something fun with family or friends…

Friday’s Breakfast: French Toast with a flavored syrup is fun! Your favorite juice, coffee, tea.

Friday’s Lunch: If you have a microwave available at school, work or home, you might like a (hot meal) hamburger with the fixin’s any condiments you like. Carrots sticks with a homemade dip (I have at least 20 dips posted on Tasty, cupcake/muffin/piece of fresh fruit. Water/flavor packet or plain.

Friday’s Supper/Dinner: Lil’Smokie sausages that you cooked all day in the slow cooker/crock pot, creamy mash potatoes (they come in a box multiple flavors) just add butter and hot water and they are ready, often on sale for $1 a box here (Betty Crocker brand is fine) and makes several servings. Any type vegetable you like.

Hopefully, you will have some fun over the weekend. Remember to use that slow cooker/crock pot and go out and visit a friend, the park. Get some exercise!

Until next time I wish you “Good Health” cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.



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