Let’s talk a little about some easy, delicious, soups!

You can use your slow cooker (crock pot) or dutch oven pot with lid on stove top. Easy, creamy CORN CHOWDER. All you will need is 2-15 oz. cans of creamed corn, 2 cups chicken stock (Low sodium), 1 cup milk, 2 tablespoons butter, black pepper to taste, 1 hard boiled egg (peeled and diced the last 5 minutes of cooking time). If using a slow cooker set on low and also add one cup water to recipe above. If using slow cooker it can cook for hours on low. If you are at home and cooking on stove top, you can use low heat and stir frequently. You only need 20 minutes cooking time to enjoy this easy soup. You can add parsley, potato diced, diced onion, diced chicken to this soup if desired. How easy is this!!! Super flavorful.

There are many options for soups that are easy recipes, most economical for the cold months ahead. It makes a great lunch option or supper option with some crackers or crusty bread along side.

This is one of many soups you can make on a budget. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment. I will post to you again on Thursday! See YOU then…

In closing, I wish you “Good Health” cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3


Ready, have your list, Shopping Day!

Grab that sale/circular flyer as we enter the grocery store of your choice! What do you need in the produce section? What’s on sale? Pick out a few vegetables, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots. Lemon, lime, oranges, apples are any on sale? Meat Department, what’s on sale? A steak? Pork Chops? Chicken breasts? Ground Beef, Lean ground Turkey. What do you need in the Dairy Aisle? Have butter? Eggs, milk, cheeses, yogurt? Grab only what you need and are any of them on sale? Bread, tortillas? Case of 24 pack of water. Do you need any packet instant potato mix? Corn bread mix? Cake/Muffin? Are they on sale? Your spices and seasonings, and cabinet/pantry should be well stocked by now. Are you running low on anyone spice? Sugar, tea, coffee?
In the frozen section ice cream? Frozen Vanilla/Chocolate Yogurt? Frozen vegetables? Frozen Fruit? Anything on sale? Cracker aisle need something? Watch that budget! Get over to check out! I’ll see you on Saturday to suggest some recipes for the week! In closing, I wish you “Good Health” cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.

In Memorandum of 9-11

Each of us are the “SAME UNDERNEATH:…Shortly before 9-11, I met a young woman from California and I noticed on her right ankle a Tatoo (No, I do not have any) that read “Live Intentionally” followed by a design of ivy leaves circling her ankle. I asked her about it (she was a mere acquaintance) she gracefully answered I am Led to Live Intentionally. I pondered this comment a moment and thought yes, that makes sense.
Each individual who perished on 9-11 was doing that “living intentionally” going about their daily activities; Walking, Breathing, Eating and Working…just as we each do today. Our lives were forever changed and affected that day, the lives of our children and their future. Each lost soul was a daughter, son, mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandparent, spouse, partner. You are remembered, you are my heroes’! As I look at “my ocean” this morning and its mystery and endlessness 9-11 is etched in my mind, and heartfelt thoughts to each survivor of loved ones lost. In closing, I wish you “Good Health” cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.

Tribute to an Old Comedienne!

Saddened by the news of Joan Rivers passing yesterday, whether you were a fan of hers or not. It is extremely sad that her Daughter had to make the decision to turn off her Mother’s Life Support. I hope Melissa and her son Cooper can in time find peace and solace from her passing. R. I. P. Ms. Rivers.

Go out this weekend and visit your family, or friends make a point to do that!

Posting will resume next week. In closing I wish you “Good Health”. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.

Hoping your Labor Day Holiday was safe and Happy! Back to work…

Here we are a new month and a new week for you to consider shopping, cooking and eating! I have posted some new recipes on Tasty Kitchen.com one that I think you may like is a French Toast with Maple cream cheese filling? Sound interesting to you as a breakfast item? I used thick white/wheat Texas toast and soak the bread in beaten eggs with a hint of cinnamon, browned them in my cast iron skillet a few minutes each side. In a bowl I added 3 tablespoons of cream cheese (at room temperature), 2 tablespoons of maple syrup stirred it well added some chopped pecan nuts and folded them in and voila done! I used one French Toast slice (since it was so thick) cut into a triangle and smeared the maple nut cream on top and watched it melt to pure bliss. How delicious and easy this was and quite delicious. I had leftover chicken from the weekend grilling we had done; so I cut that up and made chicken salad. Very easy and flavorful. I added seasonings, mayonnaise, chilled in the refrigerator 1 hour. Easy, quick lunch. Tonight, it is homemade pizzas, salad, bread sticks.

Do you have your grocery list ready? We will be shopping tomorrow for the week ahead. I have an easy, economical slow cooker/crock pot recipe for you that will surely have leftovers! We will get into that tomorrow. Certain residences do not allow BBQ’s (rental apartments, etc.) grilling foods is great if you are able to do that. Many meals at one time can be cooked then freeze and made for lunch or supper at a later time. If BBQ is out of the question for you a grill or griddle pan (indoors) can work. They come electric or fit directly on stove top burners whether gas or electric. Something for you to consider in the future. I use mine frequently indoors and outdoors.

In closing I wish you “Good Health”, cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.