A Trip to buy in Bulk!

I took my monthly trip (to Sams’ Club) to stock up on paper towels, t-paper, laundry (I use Tide) soap, household cleaning supplies. For goodness sake $408.00 Later I had the Family Van loaded. Buying in bulk when you have a large family is the absolute best way to go. Equally important for 1-2 people you can economize on items frequently used by utilizing sales, BOGO’s, coupons etc. I happen to have a lot of space to store bulk items, some people do not have the space. If it is just you who needs so much space, it gets cluttered up? That’s why I always say buy only what you need. It will stretch that budget considerably.

I use to make homemade ravioli’s (time consuming), I have found a frozen product at Sam’s that I just love. They are in 2 pound frozen packages and they have meat, cheese, filled your choice at a very good cost. We love Skillet Baked Ravioli with loads of mozzarella cheese! I usually use my homemade tomato/marinara sauce from my garden tomatoes. I checked this past Wednesday at my local grocery store and they sell them in one pound packages, fairly reasonably priced. You can make several meals from one bag. Add however many you can eat at one sitting in a skillet, add tomato sauce (no need to heat sauce first), add mozzarella bake at 400 F for 15-20 minutes. Add a side of garlic or cheese toast and you have a great inexpensive meal! If you love pasta, or ravioli check into that at your grocery store. It would make a nice supper option.

In closing I wish you Good Health. I will post again to YOU on Monday-See YOU then. Have a wonderful weekend. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.


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