Enough Already with Pumpkins, cinnamon, spices!

Are you feeling that way? Gosh, I have made pies, cupcakes, quick breads, muffins, dips, soups using pumpkin pie filling. I love it but it is time to move on to something else to share with YOU all.

I have been thinking about Holiday candy and confections not too mention foods. Turkey, Ham, etc. All the wonderful side dishes I love to prepare (and eat). Each year I make a different Stuffing/Dressing. Oh, I have to make the family’s favorite but I also make another side dish of Stuffing/Dressing.

Are you cooking for Thanksgiving or have you been invited out with family or friends? I am cooking huge again this year. One new side dish I will be making is Apples’n Onions stuffing. I make my own bread cubes and freeze them, which are seasoned and lightly toasted. I use two apples (any type really will work, peeled and diced, 2 white onions, peeled and diced, melted butter, apple juice, seasonings place in a 9 x 12 x 3 glass baking dish and baked for 35 minutes. It is sooooo good! I typically stuff the Turkey with a Mushroom & Sage Corn Bread stuffing the family loves. All the other trimmings I will write more about later. We each have our favorites. 

If you are going to be with family or friends this Thanksgiving I hope you bring a dish along to share. That’s a lot of fun. You could make a dessert, vegetable side dish many other options. We’ll get in to a discussion about that in a few weeks. The weather I understand for many has turned chilly or down right cold. So, I am imaging the outside pumpkins shriveling up? In Florida they would not last a day outside in the heat!!! They’re painted funny faces and kept inside on the large elongated kitchen counter. Honestly, I am about ready to get them out of my Kitchen!

In closing, I wish you Good Health. Please those of you in cold-chilly weather crank up the heat and stay warm! See YOU on Monday, cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3. Have a safe and fun weekend-go visit a friend, take a walk, read a great book. Call family members!!!


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