Do you make, eat, enjoy Turkey on Thanksgiving? Most Americans do and will bake at least one Turkey. Some would prefer Baked Ham, Baked Whole Chicken. What’s served on your Thanksgiving Table? Ours of course is a table of traditions some old, some new. We’re weeks away from that wonderful day of feasting, visiting and thankfulness. Some foods can be made ahead of time but I personally try to limit that. I love the “fresh” out of the oven approach best.

Many people love to stuff the inside cavity of a Turkey or large Whole Chicken with a stuffing/dressing. There are so many ways to prepare that. I usually have 2-3 stuffing/dressing choices and I make them as side dishes. Because I feed over 30 people on Thanksgiving I love to see a full table of food. I have been writing my list out and it keeps growing, do you ever do that?

I also love the leftovers you can do some much with them. Hot Turkey sandwiches, cold turkey sandwiches. If you also make a Baked Ham (as I do) I make a great Ham loaf with some of the Ham leftovers. The options and ideas are endless. We will discuss more about this Holiday Feast in a week or two. For now if you are the lucky one to prepare the family meal get started on a list it’ll go easier for you.

In closing, I wish you Good Health. Have a safe, a great weekend. Visit a friend, or see a family member! See YOU on Monday. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.


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