Turkey! Turkey! Turkey!

I have ordered my Turkey(s) from the Market this morning. The price was great .58 cents a pound! Two-20 pounders. That should help me feed a small army?! HeHe. I ordered a spiral Baked Ham with pineapple brown sugar glaze. The menu is about complete.

If you are cooking for yourself (or a small group 2-4 people) you can find a small Turkey or purchase a Turkey breast from your local supermarket. When I was first married and a newlywed I made a Turkey Breast for our first Thanksgiving dinner together. It actually worked out well and we had leftovers for white meat turkey sandwiches. So there was very little waste and cooking time was short. Something for you to consider if you are cooking and doing so for a small group or just yourself. It is another option and you know I love choices and options!!! Naturally, I hope everyone has family and friends with them on Thanksgiving Day! Sometimes, that can not be and I get that. More on the Thanksgiving feast next week.

Some of my best recipes come from leftovers (Thanksgiving) you can do a lot of cooking and baking after the big day! I’ll share some of those with you in the weeks ahead.

In closing, I wish you Good Health. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.

Have a great Hump Day!!!


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