Gift Cards for anyone!?!

Do you have loved ones or friends who are hard to buy gifts for? I think we all do. I have been giving gift cards for several years now and it seems to be working out well! Almost every establishment offers them as Gift Certificates or Gift cards. Years ago it was deemed impersonal to just hand someone a card and gift certificate. Fortunately, that has changed.

I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED HOMEMADE GIFTS AND TO THIS DAY FEEL THAT WAY, how about you? Do you have an opinion either way? I received a few magazine subscriptions last year and I loved that. Not all gift giving has to be ultra expensive and break the bank! I have so many interests and hobbies that people say I am very easy to select a gift for. That always humbles me because they are right of course. I believe I value someone’s thoughtfulness in their selection and not what  $ amount was spent. 

I hope you are enjoying your gift purchasing this year and stretching your hard earn $. In closing, I wish you Good Health. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.

Only 16 days left until Christmas! See YOU soon.


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