What day of the week do you want to shop?

Are you a weekend shopper? Mid-week shopper? In my area Wednesday’s begin the new circulars and sale flyers! I tend to shop mid week every week at the local chain grocery stores. Yes, I use two highly competitive ones (they are directly across the street from one another?!). Whenever I need other staples I utilize Dollar General, Walmart. I use a Seafood Market, Butcher/Meat Market, Fresh Produce Market, Greek Market, Italian Market and even a Latino Market. As I need items for recipes I head over and stock up. Depending on your location you may find it difficult to shop at more than one or two stores. Find the best prices and products that you can for weekly menu planning and budgeting! Last time I mentioned about using a slow cooker and/or crock pot. With a slow cooker the interior pot can be removed for easy storage in the refrigerator versus a crock pot where that is one unit. If using a crock pot you will have to empty cooking contents into airtight containers to store. Have you purchased some containers? Your local Walmart and/or Dollar General have several types to choose from. Make sure you purchase a multi-pack with different sizes! They are not too expensive and worth it when storing food stuff in your refrigerator. I remember my Mother using only Tupperware products!!! I use whatever I can find at a reasonable price. Lunch meats (Pre-packaged) their containers can be used to store, so do not throw them out! From time to time you may on your weekly shopping trip decide to purchase ham, turkey, roast beef in pre-packaged containers they are often on sale. You can make a great sub or hoagie or Hot-open faced sandwich with that product. Sometimes when on sale it is cheaper than using the grocery store Deli per pound weight. You will get into the habit of checking those things as we proceed along this journey together. Have you prepared a list of grocery items yet for your weekly shopping? Get on that! I will close wishing you “Good Health”. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.


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