What are you hungry for? Not sure…

That is often the biggest question-what am I going to eat? Let’s begin with some ideas for breakfast. The big thing are overnight oats with granola/fruit/yogurt. You prepare it the night before, cover and refrigerate until morning. Does this appeal to you? Are you a pancake person? How about English Muffins? You can purchase a 4-6 pack and have multiple uses. Such as breakfast with peanut butter added to a toasted English muffin, you can add fresh slices of apple (Red delicious or Granny smith are favorites). Do you like crunchy peanut butter or creamy? Are you allergic to nuts, if so this would not apply to you. Are you an egg person in the morning. Scrambled, add egg in a small bowl add one tablespoon of water, beat the egg, add salt and pepper to taste, cover bowl with paper towel and microwave 1 1/2 minutes and voila they’re ready! How about a breakfast burrito homemade in minutes, can be pre-made and frozen? A small glass of juice (4 ounces) do you like Orange juice, apple juice, Tomato juice, V-8 juice, grapefruit juice? Are you a coffee drinker 1 cup or two? Do you prefer a morning smoothie? Do you see how many things for breakfast really are available as your options, for the first meal of the day and a very important one. Are you packing a lunch today for school, work? How about a sandwich wrap using those fresh flour tortillas? Loaded with fresh veggies? A fresh piece of fruit perhaps a banana? Your frozen bottle of water (now partially thawed) to add a flavor packet, lemonade anyone? Your lunch meal can be light as to not weigh you down during the afternoon school classes or work station. You do not want to feel sleepy and sluggish. Then your supper time meal. Are you hungry for a chicken breast baked in the oven? I do very little frying-my oven is really one of my best friends. Are you hungry for fish, breaded Tilapia baked in the oven. Did you prepare something in the slow cooker? Are you hungry for a hamburger homemade or turkey burger? How about honey coated baked chicken wings with carrot sticks and celery with a sour cream dip? Many dishes can be both an appetizer and main dish. Do you like spinach? A fresh spinach salad with a homemade bacon cream dressing? A bowl of meatless chili? Tomato stuffed tuna salad? Do you like meatballs? Or would you rather a mini meatloaf using turkey or ground hamburger meat? Do you see the options? Endless…Until my next post I wish you “Good Health”, cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.


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