Last Meal of the Day!

As I mentioned in previous posts the idea is to not skip any meals! The last meal of the day is just as important as breakfast is and lunch (DO NOT SKIP EITHER). In summertime our appetites may not be as hearty as in wintertime. Eating light for many people is key in summertime and the end of a long day at school or at work. Motivating you to not slip off the shoes, plop on the couch with the remote in your hand will be a challenge I know. I would personally take a quick shower, put on comfy clothes and head to the kitchen for supper time preparations. Not many people like eating the same thing over and over again; so keeping a variety of foods in your pantry and refrigerator/all within your budget WILL and CAN be done. Organization is a big factor. With all the things we accomplish in a day; whether at school or work (or perhaps you are already retired?) the final meal prep may be the least desired. You may be mentally whipped, physically exhausted the truth is the lack of motivation!!! Getting into a routine is not always easy as two days are never the same-similar yes but different. I wish you “Good Health”. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3. See YOU soon friends.


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