It is Thursday already?!

My word times flies by?! Do you feel the same? The other day I did my bulk buys at Sam’s Club. I wanted to write about name brands versus store brands. Are you a stickler for certain name brands only? Or will any brand work? Does it depend on the product? I think we all have favorites in some items. Then in others who cares what brand it is?!I personally like only Tide laundry soap and Scott tissue for t-paper. I prefer Brawny or Scott paper towels. Some reasons are the square feet, are they one ply or two ply? What are you actually paying for on a cheaper brand? One ply and less sq. ft.? Check that out next time you shop for paper towels and t-paper. Something else for you to check into with all your free time (not!). What we spend a month on non-edibles is staggering with a large family! Even one or two people it can add up quickly. Food costs here in Florida have increased 8% no specific reason; it is what it is! Beating the system is both challenging and annoying at the same time! Do not become discouraged just be mindful of what’s happening in your area of the world.

In closing, I wish you Good Health. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.


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