Some Cooking Utensils, Pots, Pans, Blender

If you are just setting up housekeeping or adding to a limited selection, you will shop for some cookware, utensils, blender (must have), slow cooker-crock pot (must have) various, cooking ladles, spoons, spatulas, etc. If you are already prepared in this area excellent. For those who may only have one pot or no cookware go to your local Walmart costs are considerably less for a 10 piece cookware set, set of oven and microwave safe Pyrex baking dishes, pie plate. I really like using non stick baking sheet pans and baking dishes. If necessary on your budget check your local Goodwill Store or Thrift Shop. Before using anything purchased from those two sources make sure you clean them thoroughly. I’d use bleach and hot, hot soapy water! Slow cookers are great for so many meal preparations. You may already have one or a friend, family member may help you obtain one. Blenders are terrific for smoothies, purees, many uses. You can find them as cheap as $30 at Walmart, you do not need a $100.00 unit to start out. Eventually, you will upgrade and may consider a better unit and/or a food processor. We are speaking “saving you money” at the same time having enough cookware to get you started in meal preparations. If you live alone you do not need a cabinet full of dishes, glasses, silverware! A set of mixing bowls would be good to have handy. Canister set for flour, sugar, tea, coffee but not necessarily an absolute must have. These items can be place in gallon zip lock bags and stored in pantry or cabinet. I even keep my Coffee can in my refrigerator. We have pretty well set up your kitchen. Given tips on shopping. You can always shop at specialty kitchen ware stores but that kinda blows the budgeting thing. Later on you can upgrade to more expensive cook and bake ware!

I wish you “Good Health”. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3. See You!


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