The weekend will be here!!! Let’s talk $$$…

WHILE I AM NOT SURE WHAT TYPE OF MONETARY BUDGET YOU ARE ON? I can give you an idea of costs for groceries/staples in my area. Yours may be higher or lower depending on where you reside. People always think Florida is sooooo expensive. In some ways yes it is in other ways (like anywhere) it is not. From prior posts you are aware that I personally shop at various stores. Because of my location these stores are easily accessible to me on a daily basis. That may not be the case for you. As a weekly shopper I utilize all sales, BOGO’S (buy one get one) on frequently used items. I do not over-stock. For a single person on a budget you should not have to spend more than $60.00/week on grocery items. Once the pantry and cabinets have the necessary staples. It’s all about what is on sale, what your are hungry for, what you make time to prepare and sticking to that routine with a variety of affordable foods. A varied menu weekly, being organized as possible.
EXAMPLES: I can get one pound of 90/10 (Fat to meat ratio) from my Meat/Butcher market for $3.99. Thus, I can make 2 great meals from that. It can be mini meat loaves, chili, cheeseburgers/hamburgers. I also can obtain one pound of lean ground turkey for $3.29. Making two meals or more from that. Turkey tacos, anything you would make using hamburger ground meat you can duplicate using ground turkey. Chicken thighs, legs are the most economical in my area. For wings they’re fairly popular still. You can baked legs, thighs using citrus fruits and seasonings, use a slow cooker, all for under $5.00. You can make 2-3 meals from one package of either. Produce from my Produce market is so reasonably priced. Heads of Iceberg lettuce 79 cents each. Perfectly fresh and ready to take home and remove core and outer leaves, rinse in colander and dry before placing in zip-lock bags. Tomatoes in season are 1.00/pound here. Strawberries in season $1.50 quart. Hoping this assists you. If you have any questions, thus far leave a comment I will be happy to respond. In closing, I wish you “Good Health”. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.