The Burrito Dog

I have been creating, tweaking and writing new recipes. I came up with this easy one for all the young and old children out there!!!

One package of All-Beef Hot Dogs (or your choice) -8 flour 6″ tortillas, mustard, cooked crispy (8 slices) bacon (cut into pieces), shredded cheddar cheese (Or your choice of cheese). Saute or grill hot dogs, spread mustard on the top surface of flour tortilla (or condiment(s) of your choice) add cooked hot dog in the middle of tortilla, add bacon pieces and cheese. Fold up bottom and top of filled tortilla and roll closed (seam side down). Add butter to the skillet or grill pan and cook filled Burrito Dogs a few minutes each side to brown them. Voila! Easy lunch especially for the children.

I usually make several dozen of these and freeze them, they’re easy to re-heat in the microwave a minute or two.

Hope you will enjoy! In closing I wish you Good Health. See YOU! cheffie cooks easy 123.


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