The Best Baked Garlic-Parsley French Fries!

If you are just serving yourself or one other person this recipe is easy, economical and super tasty! You’ll need 2 Russet potatoes rinse them well (you can peel if desired), cut into French Fries or wedges. Place in a bowl add Minced garlic (as much as you like), onion salt, black pepper to taste, mix well with clean hands to coat fries.

Transfer to a rimmed non stick baking sheet pan in a single layer, put oven temp at 400 F when oven is pre-heated and ready pop the pan in and bake 15-20 minutes, turning potatoes once. Garnish with fresh parsley.

We love these gems, hope you’ll enjoy! cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.

See YOU!


4 thoughts on “The Best Baked Garlic-Parsley French Fries!

  1. Kentucky Angel says:

    Printing them all out Cuz. I have the worst time trying to cook for myself with only a few leftovers. My family was humongous, and when I married I also cooked for the workers. And if I tried to cook for just the two of us on the rare times I thought we were alone, his family always seemed to show up and just stay and stay, certain I would invite them to dinner. Hard to make 2 chicken breasts feed 20 people. This will help me start a new recipe book for myself. Thanks so much Cuz. Give me a call if you’re ever in Owensboro, and I’ll be sure to throw in an extra bean.


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