Shopping Day/Staples/Menu Planning

Since I feel stocking up a pantry or cabinetry takes sometime and money we are slowly attempting this and in time you will be well stocked! Let’s grab our grocery list and get to the store. Some tricks the grocery stores play are higher priced items are eye level; the average height of a female is 5’4″ isn’t that about eye level at any grocery store?! Look around at the bottom shelves of merchandise at the top of the shelves. Always remember to carry a shopping list and grab a store sale circular/flyer when entering the grocery store. Find a quiet spot to stop and scan the sale items in the flyer. I use A pink Hi-lighter pen and circle items I need that are on sale. In Florida the major grocery chains are highly competitive. There are always BOGO’S (buy one get one free) one thing you may not know is that one particular large grocery chain here will allow you to purchase one at the sale price; are you confused? Let’s say a box of cereal is BOGO and the regular price is $3.99 buying two would mean $2.00 EACH BOX. The grocery chain I frequent will allow anyone to purchase one at the $2.00 price, so for that item and for that weekly purchase the need was met at $2.00. Hope that clarifies for you. Every grocery chain has their own rules as to BOGO’S, using coupons, limits on sale items. Getting to know their policies will certainly help you save money weekly. There are often markdowns on bake goods, breads, pre-packaged deli meats and Manager specials. Be sure to check the “use before date”, should you decide to add that to your grocery cart for that week.

Seeing what is on sale in every department will make menu planning much easier for you. You may not be hungry for that item right that minute but you may later in the week.

You know not to go to the grocery store hungry-it’ll add non essentials thus increasing your weekly grocery bill!

Hoping some of these suggestions will work for you. Until next time, I wish you Good Health.  cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.


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