Do you have a Cast Iron Skillet? Toaster Oven?

Using a 10″-12″ Cast Iron Skillet for a great many recipes, you can purchase a new one or see if a family member has one you can use or have. Having a toaster oven is inexpensive and many things can be baked, toasted, broiled in them; a new one at Walmart is around $20.00. It will save you money on electric bill or gas depending on your particular stove/oven. Rather than heating up the oven to a 375 F or 400 F for one item when it can go into a toaster oven seems more logical, do you not agree? Your cast iron skillet will need to be used in a conventional type oven! In a cast iron skillet you can bake anything!!! They are my go to for so many recipes from corn breads (sweet and savory) to main dishes, desserts, and more. I have 1,500 original  recipes posted on Tasty a Public-Community Recipe Sharing Site-Member. Although, I cook BIG meals for a large family (including friends) I do have recipes posted on Tasty Kitchen for one or two. At times, I may refer you to that site to peruse my recipe box, so go ahead and join in, very easy and a lot of fun! Great recipes to peruse. The categories on Tasty include Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, special dietary needs. For any readers or followers of my site, I write, tweak, cook some vegetarian, gluten free recipes however, many of my TK members/friends solely submit vegan, vegetarian, special dietary needs, gluten free. Being a member (free) allows you to store any members recipes in your own recipe box. Another great reason to join in if you are any of the above. If you have any concerns, special requests or questions thus far just leave a comment and I will be happy to respond.

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In closing I wish you “Good Health”. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.


16 thoughts on “Do you have a Cast Iron Skillet? Toaster Oven?

  1. I have FOUR cast iron skillets! A small 5-inch one, a standard 12-inch one, a deep 12-inch one with a cover that can be used as a shallow 12-inch pan. How cool is that? LOL. And yes, I have a toaster oven that I use for small casseroles or for when I’m baking only one to four potatoes. 🙂

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