Are you shopping around sale items?

One of the challenges for us all is menu planning and finding items on sale to coordinate a rounded weekly menu-depending on your shopping days. Here in Florida Wednesday starts the major grocery chain store circulars to include BOGO’s, Managers Specials and the like. Hence, why I have always shopped early mornings on Wednesdays! I may or may not make that weekly special or BOGO that week but it certainly will be made before the following shopping day. In the long run it saves a lot of $$ and time.

Granted some people do not have the storage space in their refrigerator, freezers, pantry, to store in bulk and they do not need that much, in those instances DO NOT stock up. Only if you will use the sale items well before their expiration date.

Do not go to the grocery store hungry you will buy things that add to your grocery bill especially if you are attempting to stay on a budget you’ll need to watch this habit that many people do. Bring along a list of essentials you’ll need. If you have some coupons to use bring them. I do not spend a lot of time using coupons although occasionally I certainly will turn a few over to the check out cashier!

Say for example your grocery store had potatoes on sale-do you realize how many meals can be made from a 10 pound sack? From potato salad, potato cakes, mashed potatoes, potato skins, potato soup, roasted or baked potatoes. French fries, curly fries, countless side dishes. (Store potatoes in a dry, dark location-not the refrigerator).

If you can avoid the rush to the grocery store several times a week because you have no clue what you want to eat you’ll save time and money in the long run just in doing some organizing on menu planning and trying to stick to a plan!!

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9 thoughts on “Are you shopping around sale items?

  1. I clipped all the coupons out of the Tuesday paper that’s the community paper at work a couple of weeks ago for Safeway. (I stole the advert and snuck it back to my desk.) I saved almost $40 on my bill that day! And it was all stuff we needed or could use. I nicked last Tuesday’s but there was only one coupon I clipped so I put it back on the table. This is all excellent advice. Just because the coupon (or sale) is a good deal doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Night night! (or good morning if you’ve already checked out, lol) xoxoxo

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