Have you ever made your own Cookie “Sprinkles”?

For years I have been making my own sugar (cookie) sprinkles. They were at one time the most economical bakery aisle item going. Then all of a sudden they spiked crazy high in price for an itsy bitsy size plastic jar. Y’all it is so easy to make at home. The children love to sprinkle their Christmas cookies! I set out small bowls add 1/4 cup of fine granulated sugar in each bowl. I buy a 4 pack of food coloring. The typical colors are green and red for Christmas. Make Pastels colors for Easter and Red, white and blue for Memorial Day, 4th Of July, Labor Day. So I use a fork drop 10 drops slowly in the bowl of sugar stirring the entire time to mix. Allow to completely dry. I even store the homemade stuff in the containers the store bought stuff is sold in (after I used it all up I kept them). During the Holidays we do a lot of baking. How about you? Give this DIY a try you’ll be pleased at how easy it is to do! (Posted on Tasty Kitchen.com but you will remember it from here -easy).

If you do not do a lot of baking and/or use colored sprinkles then this project would not be for you! Pass the info along if you like. I feel $2.00 for a very small jar of sprinkles a bit much?! What do you think?

In closing, I wish you Good Health. cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3. See YOU!

Have a great Day!


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