Honey Ham & Cucumber Party “Hero” Sandwich

WIN_20160404_18_30_06_Pro (2)

Easy-Delicious-economical large sandwich for any occasion. Great for a weekend party! one 20 ounce loaf of French Bread cut lengthwise, 1/2 pound Deli Sliced Honey Ham, one cucumber (peeled, sliced), 2 tablespoons grainy mustard, one tablespoon real mayonnaise. In a small ramekin add mustard and mayo and stir well slather on the bottom of the loaf of bread, begin building the Hero sandwich, add slices of Honey ham, sliced cucumbers on top, cover with the top of the loaf of bread, cut into 3-4″ pieces, add to a serving plate and enjoy!

Its a favorite here! We love a side of celery sticks and dip!

In closing I wish you Good Health.

cheffie cooks easy 123.


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