Watermelon Radish Appetizers

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Delicious Watermelon Radish Appetizers! I use a multi-grain thin cracker as the base (you can use  toasted bread slices or any type of cracker you like). A sour cream and Lemon~Rosemary spread, sliced thin watermelon radish, topped with a spring onion/scallion. Let me tell you these are so flavorful and fun to make.

In a small bowl add 1/2 cup sour cream, one lemon juice only, chopped finely fresh rosemary, stir to mix, refrigerate for 15 minutes. Slice the watermelon radish (I use a mandoline), clean and cut off end of a bunch of spring onions/scallions. Spread sour cream mixture on top of cracker, add several slices of watermelon radishes and top with a fresh scallion.

Lovely and so economical to make. They also are pretty on a table setting of appetizers!

Enjoy them!

cheffie cooks easy 123.


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