BOGO’S – Great Sales!

While shopping at any competitive favorite grocery stores keep a keen eye open for sale items also at the BOGO’S on name brands. I stock up!!! If you have an opportunity to do this take advantage, it saves so much money $$ in the long run. Being on a budget does not mean we have to do without. Pay close attention to what’s on sale, where, when you can get there to pick up the goods. If you are able to use manufacturers coupon do so it all adds up especially on a monthly basis. I personally shop on Wednesday (new circular ads) and go early in the morning.

I am fortunate to have a large pantry and several refrigerators and freezers to store. I also feed a large family daily! To include snacks, desserts, etc. I also pay attention to expiration dates on all items.

I do use a Fresh Seafood Market, Specialty Markets and what I do not grow in my garden I use an open air produce market. All fresh daily and reasonably priced!

We like variety and I do not fall into the what are we going to eat rut. I keep creating new recipes and enjoy every minute tweaking them and sharing them.

In closing I wish you Good Health!

cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.

See YOU!

Tip: Do not grocery shop when you are hungry-you’ll add things you normally wouldn’t increasing your grocery bill. Shop as early in the day as possible.



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Feta & Tomato & Pecan Crostini: A great appetizer for a family or a few friends! Its a favorite and very easy and economical to prepare! One loaf 16-20 ounce French bread cut into slices of your desired thickness. 1-1/2 cup feta cheese whipped creamy to spread on each slice, 3 Roma tomatoes sliced, 3/4 cup pecan halves. Add several slices of tomatoes on top of feta (or creamy cheese of your choice), add a few pecan halves to each slice and place on a non stick sheet pan and bake @ 400 F for 6 minutes or until lightly toasted.

Transfer to a serving platter and enjoy!

cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3.

Easy Grilling Potato Packets

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Easy and fun potato packets for grilling! Using heavy duty aluminum foil, 4 Yukon Gold Potatoes (rinsed sliced or any potato of your liking), 4 tablespoons butter, salt and black pepper, to taste. dash or two of garlic powder and onion powder, dash or two of paprika, mix seasonings in a small bowl and sprinkle over sliced potatoes evenly divided into the packets, add butter, fold up foil tightly and place on the hot grill (you can make these also in the oven 425 F-20 minutes). I like to rotate the packets while grilling outdoors and cook 20 minutes.

Great with steaks, fish, Seafood, hamburgers.


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Spinach & Chickpea Hummus

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Spinach and Chickpea Hummus is so great with fresh veggies any time! Super economical and so easy. one 15.5 ounce can garbanzo beans (chickpeas), drain and rinsed well. 1 tablespoon Tahini Paste, one cup fresh chopped spinach (I use baby spinach), one teaspoon garlic powder, one teaspoon black pepper, drizzling of olive oil. In your food processor add chickpeas and pulse several times, slowly add all ingredients drizzling in olive oil to your desired consistency.

Can serve at room temperature or chill first.

Enjoy! We love this!

cheffie cooks easy 123.

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A sunny Egg for a sunny day!

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This is a economical and fun recipe for brunch on a weekend! My family just loves the individual bowls. For the Southern Grit lovers the bottom has Instant Buttered cooked Grits, Bacon crispy slices followed by a sunny side up egg!  You can substitute the Grits for home fries or hash brown potatoes if not a grits lover. I like to serve this with cinnamon and sugar French toasts slices. Regular sliced toasted bread works fine as well (must dip the egg!).

I know a few of my friends have egg allergies just omit the egg! May add fruit, a dab of Yogurt and nuts, if you like instead. Many options.


See YOU!

cheffie cooks 123.